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Advanced Dental Technology

The dental field is constantly evolving to include more and more sophisticated tools and techniques, and Dr. Steve Schwam is committed to providing his patients with the best it has to offer. That’s why our Redmond, OR practice is outfitted with state-of-the-art technology that benefits the dental care process at every stage, keeping your smile healthier and happier. We welcome patients from Sisters, Bend, and other surrounding areas – contact our practice today to schedule your first appointment.

Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral camera used on woman

Intraoral cameras are great educational tools for helping patients understand the realities of their smiles on a big TV screen. This camera-tipped wand is comfortably inserted into the mouth to transmit highly detailed images that can be viewed from the treatment chair. With this visual aid, Dr. Schwam can point out problematic areas and more clearly explain potential treatment options, all in the name of helping you become a fully-informed partner on your oral healthcare journey.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-ray on monitor

Traditional film X-rays have been the standard for diagnosing dental problems hidden beneath the surface of smiles for nearly 100 years, but this technique comes with several pitfalls, including slow development times and significant radiation exposure. Our state-of-the-art DEXIS digital system has greatly improved this process, creating high-resolution images in mere seconds that are instantly viewable on a convenient chairside monitor. The dose of radiation patients experience is greatly reduced as well by up to 90%!

Soft Tissue Laser

Dental laser machine

Our diode soft tissue laser transforms many common treatments for the better, replacing the traditional scalpel and drill with a more precise, comfortable alternative. The laser instantly sterilizes treatment areas, minimizing the risk of further bacterial infections and post-procedural bleeding – in fact, healthy tissues are likely to regenerate! Any damage to surrounding tissue is also greatly minimized for a faster healing time overall. We utilize this tool when performing gum disease treatment, aesthetic gum recontouring, and more.



DIAGNOdent is a revolutionary method for locating even the smallest cavities and areas of tooth decay that may develop into more serious concerns later on. The precise laser scanning system reviews your dental structure and registers a digital read-out by measuring the level of fluorescence within each tooth. It can even locate developing cavities in tiny cracks and grooves that are completely out of sight, allowing treatment to be quicker and more comprehensive than ever before.

Myomonitor for TMJ Treatment

Myomonitor for TMJ

This battery-operated device is an important part of TMJ diagnosis/therapy here in Redmond. Dr. Schwam will use the myomonitor to deliver mild electrical stimulus to the jaw muscles; this will cause them to lose their normal “programming” (the muscles of the face and neck will hold their posture in a way that supports the bite, even if this isn’t ideal) and finally achieve true relaxation. From this point, it’s much easier to determine the best way to realign a patient’s bite in order to relieve pain caused by TMJ disorder.

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