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Got Chronic Jaw Pain? Consider TMJ Treatment in Redmond!

May 20, 2018

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Young man during dental emergency grimaces and holds cheekIf you’ve had a recent jaw injury, any type of arthritis, or a long-term habit of clenching or grinding your teeth, you’ll want to keep reading this post from your dentist, especially if you have chronic jaw pain. Not only is he capable of helping you alleviate the pain, he’s also specifically trained to solve the problems associated with it through neuromuscular dentistry.

Since this condition can be difficult to diagnose, it’s important to see a dentist who knows what to look for. The more experienced the dentist, the sooner you can get effective TMJ treatment in Redmond.


Your Dentist in Redmond Knows When Root Canals are Needed

May 13, 2018

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woman holding jaw in painIf you’re experiencing chronic tooth pain throughout the day and you’ve confirmed it isn’t a piece of food caught in your teeth causing it, your dentist in Redmond will want to examine the area in question. It’s not something you want to put off either, especially if you intend on removing your oral pain and not letting it worsen.

Luckily, your dentist is prepared to go over the procedure in more detail, giving you an opportunity to come into the office without any surprises.


How Much Do Dental Implants in Redmond Cost? Your Dentist Explains

May 4, 2018

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An illustration of dental implants. When it comes to replacing teeth, there are few options quite as natural-feeling and cost-effective as dental implants. Not only do you get a smile that looks real, but patients regain all of their basic functions as well. With that being said, patients often inquire about their price.

Considering how much time and planning goes into giving patients dental implants in Redmond, your dentist wants to clarify why cost can be difficult to determine.



Visit an Emergency Dentist in Redmond Before Summer Break!

April 21, 2018

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woman dental painSummer break is much needed for many people. The regular school year and day to day work schedule can feel long if you don’t have any vacation time, so seeing summer vacation approach can be a huge relief!

However, just because you’re on a break doesn’t mean that you should forget about your oral hygiene. You should still take excellent care of your teeth while you’re traveling and one way that you can do that is by visiting your emergency dentist in Redmond before you leave town. Learn more about why this is important


Porcelain Veneers in Redmond Work to Boost Self-Esteem!

April 9, 2018

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woman smilingThe older you get, the more exhausting it is to hide your smile. Every time you are about to share a funny memory with friends and family, your hand shoots up to cover your teeth from being shown. Even when you meet new people for the first time, you’re less and less likely to socialize because you don’t want anyone to notice the imperfects that are ridden throughout your smile. You’ve got to ask yourself, “when is enough enough?!”

If you’re ready to make multiple cosmetic improvements to your smile, porcelain veneers in Redmond can help give you that boost of confidence that you’ve been needing. Learn more about the procedure and how you may benefit from getting it today.


Get an Oral Cancer Screening with Your Dentist in Redmond

April 2, 2018

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physician and oral cancerWhen you think about visiting your dentist in Redmond twice a year, you often think about the benefits it offers for your teeth and gums. Did you know that there is another reason why you should schedule an appointment every 6 months? During your routine visits, you also benefit from an oral cancer screening. With more than 49,000 people in the United States diagnosed with a form of the cancer each year, a regular screening allows for early detection. Now, it is more important than ever not to skip you next cleaning and checkup.

Read This Helpful Blog Before Choosing a Dentist in Redmond

March 14, 2018

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child dental visitWhen you look for a mechanic, there’s a series of questions that you’ll typically ask to see if they can really solve your problem. The same goes for your regular doctor to see if they are a good fit, so why should it be any different when you’re looking for a dentist in Redmond?

Obviously, you shouldn’t treat this search any differently! There are many things to look for when trying to find the perfect dental practice for you and your family members to visit—it can almost be overwhelming when surfing the web for the right dentist.

Thankfully, we’ve put together this helpful post to help you find your ideal dental team and expert dentist. Continue reading to learn more!


How Can a Dentist in Redmond Help Repair a Decayed Tooth?

March 4, 2018

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man dental painYour dentist in Redmond is always telling you that you should work to “prevent cavities,” but what does that really mean to you? Are you doing everything in your power to avoid tooth decay and dental problems?

If you’re not sure what your preventive care should entail to avoid developing cavities, this quick article is for you. Learn more by reading this week’s blog post.


A Dentist in Redmond Talks About Everyday Threats To Your Teeth

February 15, 2018

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A woman chewing on a penSince we only get one set of adult teeth, it’s worth it think about how our daily habits can affect them! Chips, stains, broken fillings – all these issues can occur because of the little things we do without thinking, like chewing on pens or drinking black tea all day. In fact, did you know that breaking or chipping a tooth is one of the most common dental emergencies? In this blog, your dentist in Redmond will discuss some everyday things you may be doing that can harm your teeth – and how to avoid those things in the future.


Can Healthy Gums Keep Your Heart Healthy? Ask a Dentist in Redmond!

February 2, 2018

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Heart-shaped cutout and a stethoscopeDid you know that gum disease is one of the most common diseases in the U.S? In fact, the CDC estimates that around 47% of the population has some form of this condition. Many people tend to focus solely on keeping their teeth healthy by preventing cavities, but don’t realize that gum disease can eventually lead to tooth loss. What’s more, researchers have found that gum disease can also affect the health of the heart! Since February is both Gum Disease Awareness Month and Heart Month, your dentist in Redmond will talk more about this surprising link and what you can do to have great gum health.


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