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Knowing Your Child’s Oral Health is Protected

little girl receiving dental x rayAs a parent, your list of things to worry about may seem endless. After all, it’s your responsibility to make sure your little one gets off to the best start in life as possible. One area that you’re looking to shore-up is your child’s oral health, which means you need to know when the right time is to visit our Redmond office for the first appointment. Dr. Schwam provides the answer, and he also explains what you can expect to happen.

When to Schedule the First Visit

cute girl brushing teeth dental visit

Our goal is to provide the best care for patients of all ages. Therefore, we look forward to working with your child to help him or her establish positive and lasting dental care habits. That’s because preventive care is a necessary component for maintaining excellent oral health and avoiding the host of problems that can arise from dental negligence – like tooth decay, gum disease and even tooth loss.

To get on the right track, contact us to set up the first appointment after your child’s first set of teeth emerge. This will allow Dr. Schwam to conduct an initial examination to make sure the teeth are growing and functioning as they should, and to ensure there is no bacteria growth that threatens your child’s oral health.

What to Expect at the First Visit

little girl undergoing dental checkup

At our Redmond office, we’ve worked hard to create the type of atmosphere that is comforting and non-threatening to your little one. Thus, you won’t have to worry about him or her being apprehensive about the next visit.

Here is the typical process you can expect when you visit:

The Other Benefits of Early Dental Care

Taking a proactive approach to your child’s oral health will not only set the stage for a healthier future, but it can also save you time and money. The early identification of any bacteria, plaque or tartar growth and its subsequent removal, will provide an avenue for you to prevent more complex forms of restorative care that are costly. You also won’t have to worry about your child missing extra days of school, which also amounts to one less stressor for you.

While it’s best to schedule the first visit after the emergence of the primary teeth, don’t feel bad if you’re little behind. The bottom line is to take action today by contacting us to schedule a visit so that, moving forward, your child can have the best oral health possible!

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