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Sleep Apnea Therapy in Redmond, Oregon

Ever on the leading edge of dental healthcare, Dr. Steve Schwam offers sleep apnea therapy so you can get some rest.

Sleep apnea is fairly common, with about 1 in 15 American adults suffering from obstructive sleep apnea. What’s truly scary is that the majority of patients with this dangerous and disruptive disorder – as much as 80% – never receive a diagnosis. Some people think that it is normal to go through daily life feeling fatigued. They may seek answers for their unexplained common symptoms, such as headaches or sore throats, but they come up empty handed. We invite you to explore the symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea here on our page. If they apply to you, consider visiting the Redmond, Oregon dental office of Dr. Steve Schwam for an assessment and to discover if you’re suffering with obstructive sleep apnea. If so, we offer treatment with sleep apnea therapy.

Obstructive sleep apnea is the interruption of breathing, sometimes for several seconds, during sleep. This problem can threaten your overall health, raising your risk of serious health problems like stroke and heart attack. That’s why treating your condition with sleep apnea therapy is so important.

Diagnosing Your Sleep Apnea

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You’re probably wondering how to know if you need sleep apnea therapy. The symptoms can vary, and they often mimic the symptoms of other parasomnias (sleep disorders). The three main symptoms of sleep apnea are loud snoring, choking or gasping during sleep, and extreme sleepiness during the day. Other symptoms include headaches upon awakening, problems with memory or concentration, irritability, mood swings, depression, dry mouth upon awakening, and frequent trips to the bathroom during the night. It’s easy to see how you might ignore the warning signs that you’re suffering with sleep apnea, but if these symptoms sound familiar, please consider visiting your regular physician or a sleep specialist. Sleep apnea therapy is essential if you want to experience optimal overall health.

Sleep Apnea Treatment

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Once you’ve received a proper diagnosis of sleep apnea, we can provide you with a custom-fit oral device designed to provide sleep apnea therapy. Because obstructive sleep apnea is marked by periods of interrupted breathing during sleep that are caused by the collapse of the airway, sleep apnea therapy will provide you with a device to keep the airway clear and breath flowing freely. Possible options include: It is important to note that the best treatment for Obstructive Sleep Apnea is getting a Sleep test in sleep clinic.  Most people will need a CPAP, but if you are not able to tolerate a CPAP then another option is a good custom made oral appliance.  Sometimes your medical insurance will pay for it with little cost to you.  If you are CPAP intolerant, we can help.

Get your assessment for sleep apnea by contacting the Redmond, Oregon dental office of Steve Schwam, D.D.S. today to make an appointment. We see patients from Redmond, Sisters, Bend, and beyond, offering modern techniques like sleep apnea therapy for complete overall health.

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