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Neuromuscular Dentistry for TMJ Treatment in Redmond, Oregon

Redmond dentist Dr. Steve Schwam restores optimal oral comfort and function with neuromuscular dentistry and TMJ therapy.

Dr. Steve Schwam is a progressive dentist who stays at the forefront of modern dentistry. He has undergone intensive training at renowned dental institutions, including the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, to deliver what we consider to be the best in contemporary dental care. Dr. Schwam understands the link between oral and overall health, and he treats underlying causes with neuromuscular dentistry for TMJ therapy.

What is neuromuscular dentistry for TMJ therapy?

Tablet with jaw x-ray

Traditional dentistry focuses on teeth, gums, and jaws. Neuromuscular dentistry addresses the intricate link between these elements, as well as facial muscles and nerves. Practitioners of neuromuscular dentistry for TMJ therapy treat the whole oral system with therapies that promote optimal health and function.

Many people experience TMJ (temporalmandibular joint) pain caused by neuromuscular problems throughout their lives, but they never know the cause. They visit a variety of medical professionals to no avail. As an LVI trained dentist, Dr. Schwam will discuss your TMJ dysfunction symptoms with you and use modern tools and technology to discover the source of your stress. Armed with information, he can tailor a neuromuscular TMJ therapy treatment plan to deliver whole-mouth health.

How do you know if you need TMJ therapy?

Woman holding neck in pain

You may be suffering from TMJ dysfunction right now and not know it. Many patients think that headaches, neck pain, and shoulder pain are caused by tensions in these places, but neuromuscular dentist Dr. Steve Schwam understands that a problem in your small TMJ can cause problems like these. If you’re experiencing these types of pain on a regular basis, you may need TMJ therapy. With neuromuscular dentistry for TMJ therapy, you can live your life without the hassle of chronic pain.

The symptoms of TMJ dysfunction are:

With the help of the Myotronics K-7 Evaluation System, Dr.Schwamcan measure and display accurate data related to your jaw movement. This valuable information will help him recommend the appropriate treatment with an even greater level of precision. Common therapy options include the following:

Dr. Schwam has also incorporated his knowledge of neuromuscular dentistry into your tooth replacement treatment, offering dentures for better comfort and a more pleasing appearance.

Headache Treatment

Woman with headache from TMJ

Severe headaches are one of the most common symptoms of TMJ disorder, but too many cases still go misdiagnosed, leaving patients in significant, lasting pain. Medication can provide temporary relief, but there’s such a thing as a “medication overuse headache,” which just exacerbates the problem and leads to increased discomfort. Please don’t hesitate to contact our practice for an appointment if debilitating headaches are a constant, unwelcome part of your routine – TMJ treatment may be able to provide the lasting corrections you need to enjoy life to the fullest again.

Dr. Schwam performs a neuromuscular exam during every checkup to make sure your TMJ is functioning properly. If you’re dealing with chronic pain, popping or clicking of the jaw, or other symptoms of TMJ dysfunction, contact our Redmond, Oregon dental office for an appointment. We offer this leading edge TMJ therapy to Redmond, Sisters, Bend, and beyond, helping patients experience freedom from chronic pain.

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