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Tooth Colored Fillings

Restoring your teeth from decay and damage doesn’t have to leave you with a smile full of silver fillings. Dr. Steve Schwam and team help patients enjoy renewed oral health with natural looking tooth-colored fillings. This option is a safer, more attractive alternative to silver (amalgam) mercury restorations. Keep reading to learn about having your cavity filled or replacing old metal fillings with beautiful composite resin at the office of Dr. Steve Schwam.

Woman getting teeth examinedNatural Looking Tooth Colored Fillings

White, tooth colored, or composite resin fillings – whatever you prefer to call them, this option is a fantastic way to improve your oral health without damaging the appearance of your smile. These fillings effectively restore and closely mimic the natural tooth structure, leaving you with a restoration you’ll never think twice about once it’s complete.

In addition to restoring teeth after decay or damage, tooth colored fillings can also have terrific cosmetic applications. Patients with chipped, cracked, stained or slightly gapped/misaligned teeth can benefit from quick, painless cosmetic bonding with composite resin.

Young man smilingBenefits of Tooth Colored Fillings

When compared to silver fillings, the benefits of tooth colored fillings are many. We’ve listed just a few of the most common advantages for their restorative and cosmetic applications below.

Additionally, while the use of amalgam has been ruled as safe for use in fillings by the Food and Drug Administration, many patients are increasingly concerned about the risk of potential mercury exposure in silver fillings. This consideration may guide the decision for patients with existing amalgam to opt for replacement. When Dr. Schwam removes the mercury /silver fillings he uses a biohazard container to remove it from the office.

Silver filling in a model toothWe Offer Silver Filling Replacement

Dr. Schwam performs replacement procedures for patients wishing to switch their old silver fillings for the natural, tooth-colored filling option. It’s a quick, safe procedure that can increase oral health and prevent future problems. The decision on whether or not to have your metal fillings replaced is ultimately up to you, but we can provide advice on whether or not your fillings should be replaced when you schedule an appointment at Steve Schwam DDS.

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Get in touch with the office of Steve Schwam DDS today to schedule your appointment and learn more about filling replacement, or to benefit from a beautiful, tooth-colored filling today. Dr. Schwam and his team are passionate about helping patients from Redmond, Bend, Sisters and all surrounding communities with wonderful restorative dentistry services.

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